The Oil of Renewal: Basil Essential Oil

Basil essential oil is called the “Oil of Renewal”  due to its ability to rejuvenation  those who are experiencing fatigue and a sense of being overwhelmed. The smell of Basil can bring strength and relaxation to those in need. It can help restore the body to its natural rhythms. Basil oil is steam distilled from the leaves, stems, and flowers of this mint plant. With its warm spicy herbal aroma, basil essential oil is one of my favorites to use in delicious recipes but it also has many other health benefits. It is my go to oil to support healthy ear drainage which comes in handy with 3 young kids. Check out some of its other amazing uses:

Basil Essential Oil

  • Acts as a cooling agent for the skin
  • Has cleansing properties
  • When applied topically, can reduce the appearance of blemishes
  • Combine with Clove and Melaleuca for a mouth rinse that keeps the gums and teeth clean and healthy
  • May soothe and calm the nervous system
  • Promotes mental alertness and lessens occasional anxious feelings
  • When diffused, promotes a sense of focus while studying, reading, or completing other tasks that require mental clarity
  • Diffused can promote feelings of relief at the end of your work day
  • Blends with Lime, Bergamot, and/or Peppermint for an invigorating aroma
  • May calm tense muscles
  • When applied to the temples and the back of the neck, it helps promote reduced feelings of tension
  • When massaged combined with Wintergreen and Fractionated Coconut Oil on the back of the neck creates a stress-relieving experience
  • Combine with Geranium and citrus essential oils for an uplifting massage
  • Supports healthy immune function and response
  • Helps to support healthy blood flow
  • Helps to ease monthly feminine discomfort
  • Supports gastrointestinal health and function
  • Helps to reduce gas

Basil can be applied without dilution but I always combine with fractionated coconut oil for children and those with sensitive skin. I like to apply it to my temples, bottoms of feet, back of neck, or directly to area of concern. This is one essential oil that I always need to have on hand. How do YOU use this oil?


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