The Oil of Mother Earth: Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil is said to nurture the soul’s relationship with Earth and helps heal maternal mother bonds that may have been disturbed. It can help build trust that the world is safe and help individuals let go of fear. The oil is steam distilled from the resin of the tree and has been referenced throughout history. The word Myrrh means “bitter” but this oil has many “sweet” beneficial properties!

Myrrh Essential Oil:

  • Is soothing to the skin and promotes a  smooth youthful looking complexion
  • Promotes emotional balance and well being
  • Has powerful cleansing properties especially for the mouth and throat

Some of my favorite ways to use this oil:

  • Adding to my lotion to help promote youthful looking skin
  • Adding a few drops to my toothpaste for added cleansing benefits
  • Adding a drop or two to water and gargle as an effective mouth rinse
  • Diffusing around the house to help promote awareness, uplift my mood, and maintain peaceful feelings

This oil is gentle on the skin so a carrier oil is not always needed but still recommended for sensitive skin! It is thick so may take a little longer to get a drop out of your bottle but I promise it is worth the wait!


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