Strange but True: My Husband’s Favorite Oil to Diffuse…Lemongrass???

I came home late one night after the kids were in bed and wondered why I smelled lemongrass strongly in the hallway. I figured someone must have complained of muscle aches and my husband recently applied it topically. When I tracked him down, he informed me he was diffusing it in the kids rooms and that it was his new favorite oil to diffuse. I thought this was strange since while I do apply it topically often and enjoy the smell, I have never ever even thought about diffusing it. I knew about its amazing support when applied topically such as:

  • Supporting healthy digestion
  • Soothing muscle aches and joints
  • Purifying and toning skin

I was not familiar with any spectacular qualities that would be enhanced by diffusing the oil and breathing it in. I looked it up in my handy reference book and found this amazing quality:

  • It heightens awareness and promotes a positive outlook

You learn something new everyday! So, why not diffuse it!? My daughter now also claims it is HER new favorite oil to diffuse so if you come into our house and smell lemongrass, blame my husband. 😉

This oil has a pretty strong aroma so just a drop or two is all you need if you want to try it in the diffuser. It does not have to be diluted when applied topically but I like to add some fractionated coconut oil when I massage it in to aching muscles and joints. I like to layer it with other oils that support the body in healing. Just please make sure to use therapeutic grade essential oils so you know what is being absorbed through your skin!

So who else diffuses this oil? We can’t be the only ones…right?

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