My Favorite Rollerball Recipes: Immune Support Blend

School has started and we do NOT have time to get sick! I’m busting out my immune support blend early this year to promote a healthy immune system that can fend off these back to school germs. I like to rub this rollerball on the bottoms of our feet for a few days whenever I hear a child start to sniffle.

My Favorite Rollerball Recipes: Immune Support Blend

2 drops oregano
2 drops black pepper
4 drops grapefruit
fractionated coconut oil

Add essential oils to the rollerball base and fill to the top with coconut oil. Snap on roller top and label. Keep out of extreme heat or direct sunlight. Grapefruit oil can be photosensitizing, keep application area out of the sun for a few hours after use. Apply to the bottoms of your feet when you need to support your immune system.

Stay Healthy!!

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