My Favorite Rollerball Recipes: Energy Support Blend

I know how important sleep is, but there are times when it is just not an option. I have been working on a new project that has me running on empty for the last few weeks. I only have a few more weeks until this push will all be worth it but I have been leaning on my essential oils for support. This is my go to rollerball blend for those days that I need a little extra “umph”.

My Favorite Rollerball Recipes: Energy Support Blend
10 drops eucalyptus
8 drops rosemary
7 drops grapefruit
7 drops bergamot

Add oils to a rollerball base and fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil. Snap rollerball on top and label. Use whenever you need some extra energy support. Apply to pulse points and behind ears.

Always test on underarm before use to make sure you are not sensitive to any component. This recipe will cause photosensitivity. Avoid use before headed into prolonged sun exposure. 


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