Tip # 32: Go Naked for 28 days- Strip your diet and listen to your body! It knows best!

When people are ill or their health is not what it once was, most do not look to the food they eat. This is unfortunate since nutrition is usually the cause. What we put into our bodies is what determines how well they run or how sickly they become. You might not notice the slight signals your body sends if something is causing you harm due to a diet so filled with food that can make you sick.

To figure out what may be throwing your body out of whack you can have food sensitivity testing done to see what things you may need to stay away from, but that can be expensive. The easiest and cheapest way is to do your own experiment, an elimination diet. You need to strip everything that may cause your body not to function properly for a period of time long enough to be able to function as it should. We find that 4 weeks or 28 days works best for most people. After your body is clear of all possible offenders you can add  foods in question back into your diet one at a time every few days and listen closely to how your body reacts. You will find foods that you may want to avoid in order to feel healthier and foods that do not seem to affect you much at all and can go back into your diet. It is a personalized food sensitivity testing that brings you one step closer to health.

Strip away the possible offenders:

Get this stuff out of the house or at least out of sight for these next 4 weeks. I find it easier to not even have these in my home so it is not there if you find yourself in a moment of weakness.

  • Grains: All grains including wheat, rice, rye, barley, corn, oats, even GF (Gluten Free) grains need to be avoided.
  • Dairy: This includes cheese, yogurt, sour cream, cream, or milk (cow, goat, sheep).
  • Sugar: This goes for all sweeteners, natural or not. Maple syrup, honey, agave, coconut sugar, and all artificial sweeteners are out!
  • Legumes: All beans, peas, chickpeas, peanuts, and lentils are out for these 28 days. This includes soy products as well!
  • Alcohol: Beer, wine, and liquor is out.
  • Nightshades: If you have autoimmunity issues avoiding peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes (sweet ok), paprika, goji berries, and cayenne may be a good idea as well.
  • Processed food: Avoid all processed, prepackaged food. We need to avoid all preservatives, food dyes, and additives during this period of time.

Go naked:

So what can you eat? A ton of awesome stuff that makes your body feel healthy and thrive!

  • Lean and Grass-fed meat: You are what you eat and this goes for the animals you eat as well! You don’t want to eat animals that have been fed grains if at all possible.
  • Fish/Seafood: Always try to buy the wild caught fish rather than the farm raised. Wild meat is lean in nature and containing high amounts of EPA and DHA omega fatty acids.
  • Fruits: Try to eat these in moderation since they are high in sugar but fruit will be your treat during this 28 day food “detox”.
  • Vegetables: Go crazy and eat these often. Switch them up, try a new vegetable every day! Season and sauté in ghee to your liking. Vegetables will never have tasted so good!
  • Nuts and Seeds: Don’t go “nuts” on these since they can be hard to have just a few. I like to get the unsalted raw almonds since they satisfy you without causing you to want more and more.
  • Healthy fats: Ghee, coconut oil, clarified butter, YUM! I tend to go a little crazy with my healthy fats but I don’t feel guilty about it one bit!

Once you have eliminated the potential problems foods for 4 weeks or more and your body is now thriving on healthy natural food, you can start to reintroduce some of the things you have been missing. Add one item first and then see if you feel different in the days after you ingest it. If you feel normal and fine after a few days then it is safe to add the next food item and see how your body responds. Everyone is different but most people feel much better without grains, sugar (maple syrup and raw honey are ok), and processed food. I would recommend everyone to avoid those at the very least. Some people do well with raw dairy and choose to add that back into rotation, listen to your body and decide for yourself.

It may seem hard at first but think of it as a health intervention. It is much easier than many procedures or medication regimens you may need if you don’t turn your health around. Just do it. There are so many things in life that you don’t have control over. You can control your diet and what goes into your body. Your outlook on life will change when you see what power you have had all along. Our bodies are born healthy and can remain that way once you get rid of all of the artificial stuff you have been feeding it! Take control and be healthy!      ~Emily~


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