For The Love of Heels

It’s Saturday!  We made it through another work week.  Are you going out to celebrate tonight?  Are you putting on clothes that make you feel good and lighting up the town?  Will you be wearing heels out?  I have to admit, since my freshman year of college I have regularly worn heels out everywhere.  I am what some would say vertically challenged at a whopping 5’2″.  I hated looking up at everyone when talking to them and most of the time felt like I could see if anyone had any bats in the cave and needed a tissue.  So, I did what every self-respecting short coed would do, I donned some stilettos and strutted my stuff.  

I convinced myself that they were comfortable even when my toes were crammed into a fine point that could easily be used as a weapon in an act of self defense.  I wanted the nice definition in my calves that heels provide and a pop in the derriere.  We all see models sporting heels and I think most girls dream of one day wearing the red soled Louboutins.

But, is all this strutting having a long term effect?  Chances are most likely, yes.  

Wearing heels over time actually leads to a toughening and shortening of the Achilles tendons which leads to decreased mobility and increased risk of strains and sprains.  Sporting your 3″ heels also shifts your bodyweight forward which changes the dynamics of your musculoskeletal system and can result is all kinds of fun symptoms like back pain to osteoarthritis in your knees.  Whenever we have an imbalance in posture it will affect the rest of your body.  It may surprise you to know that the location of your pain may not be the actual source of the cause.  For example, I struggled with knee pain for 6 months blaming it on my sprint workouts being too hard on my knees.  When I finally gave in to go to the chiroprator I realized my hips were unaligned and was shocked at how much relief I felt in my knee from my first adjustment.  

Will I ever give up heels completely? Of course not!  But, I will choose platforms over pumps most of the time to keep me pain free for at least a few hours of standing or walking.  I will also practice good full body stretches once I shed them for the evening.  I am trying to pick more sensible and casual flats for most occasions.  I am doing this because I’m finally taking care of my body the way I should have my whole life. In all honesty it might also be the fact that as I get older I’m more comfortable and confident in my own skin.  Or, maybe I’m just getting older and don’t really care to put that much effort in anymore.  Either way, my body thanks me.  



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