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Emily Hoffnagle, PharmD

I’m a happy wife and mom of three awesome kids. Before I had my first child I led a pretty toxic life. I’d go through my day not thinking twice about the chemicals I had in my home, on my body or put in my mouth. After Kate was born my life changed. I strived to make sure I kept my baby away from these toxins, without applying the same principles to myself. After Zac was born I got sick. I was overweight, depressed, had aches and pains all over and just felt “bad”. I decided to clean up my act. I decided to read Robb Wolf’s book The Paleo Solution. I read it cover to cover in one day (my pharmacy was fairly slow) and was ready to make changes. I applied the diet principles the next day as I was committed to changing the way I felt. It was a different way of thinking and a hard adjustment. Wait…grains are bad and steak is good? I learned to cook with fresh produce and joined a farm share for grass-fed meat and free range chicken. I started feeling better. I started looking better. I no longer felt old. I had my energy and youth back. I started to get the rest of the chemicals out of our house. Some of the first to go were toxic cleaners, bug sprays and sunscreens. Anyplace I could get rid of the synthetics and replace with the real thing, I did. There was one issue…I’m a pharmacist. I worked at a retail pharmacy and pushed synthetics all day. Those were needed…right? That is what I told myself. After I had my third child (Annie) I was doing everything right. I was exercising, eating right, losing my baby weight quickly and feeling great. Then I injured myself. I pushed myself too fast, too hard and developed piriformis syndrome. My piriformis muscle was squeezing my sciatic nerve and I had shooting pain down my leg. I could not stand, sit, take care of myself or take care of my kids. I tried to heal my condition with conventional medicine. I tried steroids to reduce the inflammation. I started seeing a physical therapist. I took ibuprofen around the clock. As soon as I would see improvement, I would be home lifting kids for a weekend and be back to square one. I returned to my primary care physician to see if there was anything else I could try. She scheduled me for a pain management appointment…in a month!! This was not the direction I thought my life would go. I could not believe I was destined to be a chronic pain patient and have my pain “managed”. I wanted it gone. I researched my alternatives and it did not look promising. I scheduled an appointment with a piriformis expert in NYC. He had written a book I read on piriformis syndrome and how he treats this condition. NYC was a 5.5 hour drive from my home. Since I was still working full time I was not able to book an appointment for three weeks. While I waited, I decided to try a few unconventional treatments. I continued doing my physical therapist’s exercises daily, I started seeing a chiropractor and I tried essential oils. I had never really given essential oils a second thought before but figured I had tried everything else. I started using a soothing/pain blend 5-6 times a day, every day. It worked! My pain lessened slowly and after a few weeks it was gone. I canceled my piriformis syndrome specialist appointment. I canceled my pain management appointment. It felt great! I was sold on essential oils and started using them on my kids and my husband. It was eye opening and life changing. Now, with this new site/adventure, I feel I am finally able to share what I have learned and know to be true. You can do healthcare differently! You really can! At home! Let us show you how…


Stephanie Hunziker, PharmD



stepahanie hunziker



I’m so excited to be writing for the Naked Pharmacists’ website! I really don’t like talking (or writing) about myself, but will do my best…here goes! Along with being a wife and mom, I’ve been a pharmacist for almost 13 years and have worked in many different types of pharmacies (including two overseas), and have seen and heard a lot of things! I’ve also learned a lot about medical conditions, some common, some rare, and how medications are helpful in some situations. However, over the years, I have also come to realize how we are overusing medications in our country, and how many toxins we are exposed to with use of every day products, and even our food.    Around five years ago, I went with my mom to a seminar about removing toxins from your home and how those contained in cleaning and personal care products, and even our food can lead to medical problems or issues; it really sparked my own interest in living a more natural, toxin-free lifestyle. I love learning new things and researching, so started on my way using more natural products and changing my diet. Over the years I have had my own health issues to deal with, as well as those in my family, and since I had my son three years ago, have really tried implementing some healthy lifestyle changes for all of us.   Around two years ago, I started learning more about the importance of food as medicine and nutritional supplementation, so have done a lot of research in these areas. Around one year ago, I started using essential oils as well, and they are now part of our daily routine in my house. My husband, who was skeptical at first, is even a believer! Our house is full of supplements and essential oils now for natural remedies. It is my passion in life to help others, so I am hoping my educating myself I can educate others as well toward living a natural, healthy lifestyle.

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  1. I have been making lifestyle changes over the the last year myself and have come off some medications and lost wait. I am also in the healthcare field and not happy in my position but still want to help people. I don’t know very much about essential oils but am interested in learning more.

    • Hi Stephanie! Your story sounds a lot like both of ours! We would love to chat with you. I sent you an email- let’s connect!

  2. This is a great website and I enjoyed reading hour stories! I too am a pharmacist and am working toward getting my family living a more healthy and toxin-free lifestyle. I would love to learn more, and thanks for developing this website!

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